Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shannox 10 Man, In which we watch our damn step.

 Headed back into Firelands this Wednesday evening with much better results than last week I am happy to report!

Shannox, along with his two dogs Riplimb and Rageface went down fairly quickly this week. The trick ended up being that we needed to murder one of the dogs immediately, as opposed to killing everything slowly and at the same rate.
Kill this jerk right away

Once you've burned Rageface down, get some sort of CD on whichever tank has Shannox, he'll do a little enrage at that point, something like 30%, easy enough to deal with but it CAN be surprising if you're not prepared to it, and that's a silly thing to wipe to.

Once that dog is down there should be no random raid damage, aside from people stepping on the ever increasing immolation traps, Riplimb should be encased in ice as often as possible, while dps  splits between Shannox and his remaining dog, pray you have Shannox down to 35% or so when the dog dies as he'll do another small enrage, at which point you'll probably want some sort of cooldown running on his tank at all times.

We had so many traps on the ground by the time Riplimb died that we chose to move Shannox completely away from where we had originally been fighting him so as to not have anyone step on a trap inadvertently. Once Rageface died I found quite a few opportunities to smite heal for extended periods of time as well. All together the fight isn't actually very difficult if you can manage to keep your raiders out of  his traps.

We're going up against Beth'tilac this Friday and I am hopeful, so stay tuned folks.


  1. good luck, looking forward to see more on ur blog! :D

  2. I dropped Wow Cuple weeks ago. Is firelands are good?

  3. I like wow :D and great blog :P followed :P