Thursday, June 30, 2011

A lizard man and his dogs.

Well we spent a few hours in the new raid instance tonight and I have to tell you, if nothing else, that place is POPULATED. We spent nearly 40 minutes before we even had a chance to fight our first boss, the place is thick with trash mobs, patrolling, stationary, you name it this raid seems to have it, in terms of trash.

And when you finally clear enough trash in the first large open area, this guy starts yelling at you and slowly enters the area with his dogs, he'll patrol in large long circles around the area, through areas that you likely haven't cleared of trash yet, so if you miss an opportunity to pull him you're stuck waiting a few minutes before you can try again.
We didn't manage to down him tonight, largely because most of us went into the fight blind, not something I recommend but hey it happens. What I can say is that it is imperative that none of your raiders inadvertently step on an ice trap, as it not only stops whoever you have dragging his tankable dog around from freezing the dog and receiving a breather, but it also freezes that raider in an ice block with a pretty ridiculous amount of HP for a silly ice-block.

All said though, if someone is going to die in this fight it's likely going to be all at once because someone screwed up a mechanic, either a dog will kill someone inside of 3 seconds with an ability, or someone will stand on the erupting fire spiral that the boss summons from time to time, the tank damage isn't anything spectacular, though I imagine it becomes much worse when you kill his dogs and enrage him, but I'll write about that when we get there. That's all for tonight!


  1. lol ok nice post!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Hah, thats one knarly looking boss. Dog seems nice though.

  3. Looking forward to this content

  4. Ha! Your dogs, although very talented, have nothing on my FUNNY PETS!. Why don't you come check them out. PS, how can someone be a lizzardman? lol.